Performance and Songwriting by Tara Dion

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Tara Dion is a singer & songwriter from London, United Kingdom and founder of Mini Amp.

Tara began singing at the age of six. Once into her teenage years, Tara made a real push to write her own music after experimenting with poetry.

“I’ve always had a strong urge to write music for video games and animation.”

Tara has worked with various music producers on a variety of genres. This has equipped her to create music for pretty much any project. Raised in a British household with the sounds of Pop and R’n’B. Tara Dion draws inspiration from the world of music.

“I enjoyed singing along to the credits after a Disney film. Once I heard the amazing songs, my mind was made up!”

After meeting composer Tomoya Tomita in 2017, Tara started working on original music. Working alongside Tomoya Tomita, Tara manages to effortlessly weave a variety of styles.

Mini Amp

The first song Mini Amp created “I’m Needing You Now“. The songs details the need for individuality in a relationship. Complimented by Tara’s vocals which fit the song perfectly.

When Did We Stop Caring?”. with songwriting handled by Tara, the song touched on the effects of racism. This song displayed another side to the duo with a noticeably darker tone.

Forever Smiling displays a lively dance sound. With a soaring chorus, the song blended vibrant vocals alongside poignant lyrics.

Just A Friend moved into a blending of genres with a distinctive Pop/R’n’B style. The lyrics detail a secret relationship with a rampant bass line and soaring synths. Tara moves her vocal range effortlessly over the song with ample progression.

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Tara Dion

Tara Dion  – Forever Smiling

Tara Dion – I’m Needing You Now

Tara Dion – When Did We Stop Caring?

Tara Dion – Just A Friend